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Research and Development (R&D) technology know-how

Altos has a well-versed R&D team focusing on breakthrough technology. Know-how includes BIOS, FPGA, Artificial Intelligence, and Software solution stacks. Rock-solid technology know-how is Altos key differentiator in speed-demanding arena.

State-of-the-art products

Altos has cutting-edge products from multi-form-factor rack servers, workstations, storage, to thin clients. Portfolios of products strengthen and amplify Altos market penetration.

End-to-end solution architect and integration skill set:

Altos can tailor make solution architect and integration to best fit customers’requirements, enabling customers to gain competitive advantages in their marketplace.


Rack Servers

Multi-node Servers

Tower Servers

GPU Accelerated Servers




Thin Client


Altos Computing Inc. (abbr. Altos) is established in 2017 and it is a subsidiary of Acer Inc. The business model of Altos is to provide the best streamlined and cost-effective integrated solutions through in-house R&D working with ODM/IHV/ISV on servers,workstations, thin client, network and storage. In the era of demanding speed, Altos provides leading Solutions include but not limited to High Performance Computing (HPC), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), cloud infrastructure, and Software Defined Storage (SDS), etc... Altos provides solutions and services to government, academia, cloud service providers, datacenter operators and enterprises.