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Altos XS5226D

ALTOS|QSAN SAN XS5226D is the world’s first 2U 26Bay SAN storage, this storage system is based on modular design with FRU (Field Replacement Unit) optimized. XS5226D is the perfect solution for enterprise backup, fit to the market segment that require best performance.

Hybrid Storage

XS5226D integrates Intel Xeon 4 core processor, which is optimized for enterprise SAN and cloud storage along with native 12Gb SAS 3.0 technology. Each controller includes dual host cards, dual on-board 10GBase-T ports, 1GbE Management port and Dual 12Gb/s SAS wide ports (SFF-8644).


Dual-Active (Active/Active) Controller SAN System

XS5226D features a Dual-Active controller architecture that concurrently provide storage services in real time. This active-active architecture doubles the available host bandwidth and cache-hit ratio, this ensures maximum utilization of system resources and maximizes throughput.


Modular Design for Versatility & Scaled Performance

Each controller has two host card slots for expanded connectivity and scaled performance. There are various types of optional host cards available to match the specific need, including 16Gb FC, 10GbE iSCSI and 1GbE iSCSI. It also offers the flexibility to mix FC and iSCSI connectivity in the same system simultaneously. In this dual controller mode, the system can support up to 20ports of 10GbE iSCSI or 8ports of 16Gb FC connectivity. Users can connect multiple host servers directly to XS5226D without using FC switch or Ethernet switch.