Medium and Large Enterprises, You need “PC workstation”

PC workstation is between commercial PC and high-end workstations. It can operate and monitor 24/7 hours, supports high availability, high performance, high configuration flexibility and high manageability for a single purpose. Target market focus on finance, manufacturing, medical, AI and DL.

Medium and Large Enterprises, You need “PC workstation”

Altos BrainSphere™ Workstations Features

Support Altos Accelerator Resource Manager (AARM)

AARM can make GPU resources optimized and deployed. Besides, when multiple users share hardware resources, an individual user can still maintain an independent development environment.

Support Altos Smart Server Manager(ASSM)

With ASSM, IT can remotely manage and control the working environment and system to find the problem and solve it immediately. It is helping customers to upgrade management efficiency.

With High Performance GPU

Supports multiple high-performance GPUs to computing huge data in AI, rendering, and graphics more intelligently and quickly to achieve the best computing performance without limits.

With ECC Memory

Support ECC memory (Error-Correcting Code), which can reduce the number of system crashes and data corruption, especially suitable for enterprises who still need to maintain high stability and high-end computing requirements.

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