AltosCloud VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

Simple and powerful VDI solution allows users to work flexibly anytime and anywhere while quickly reducing costs.

Solution Brief
AltosCloud VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

AltosCloud VDI Features

AltosCloud VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) empowers schools and enterprises to use the state-of-the-art VDI software platform and powerful Altos BrainSphereTM servers to initiate innovative remote desktop access to meet the needs of workspace flexibility and gain a competitive advantage.

The Best User Experience

AltosCloud VDI provides different remote protocols, and NGP protocol can support the Work From Home and Learn From the Home solution. We also support user access from PC/NB/MAC/Chrome device with a Chrome browser. AltosCloud VDI also has an HCI architecture that provides scale-out flexibility and high-availability.

AltosCloud VDI Clients Support

Altos have dedicated client, we also support different client device with Chrome Browser

Experience AltosCloud VDI Easily

AltosCloud VDI provides three simple steps to access VM from the Chrome browser.

1.Open Chrome browser and connect AltosCloud VDI user console

2.Log in AltosCloud VDI user console and select a VM

Ready to go

Process and Management At the Same Time

On the center console, you can manage VM deployment, user account and control thin client USB access. On the client console, can manage server resource, storage and VM/VM template.

Recommended with Altos BrainSphere™ Servers (for VDI)

We suggest choosing models with server-grade CPU and multiple GPUs. That can help you implement AltosCloud VDI.